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Sobbing Drunk Women Arrested for Eating Stranger’s Food

In one is no doubt one of the most quintessential “American” news stories of our time, a 41 year old woman was taken into police custody after waltzing into a PF Changs piss-drunk, eating another person’s food and then stumbling … Continue reading

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No More Aborted Fetus Food for Oklahoma (Apparently)

Oklahoma senator and renowned doofus Ralph Shortey has just filed a bill that would place a ban on food or products in Oklahoma which use aborted human fetuses. Because this apparently is a thing now. Though he couldn’t cite any … Continue reading

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These Aren’t the Cakes You’re Looking For

Check out this absolutely stunning 300lb life-size 6ft 4in Stormtrooper cake created by Tiler and Amanda Oakleaf from Boston! Made from 208 eggs, 20 lbs of butter, 140lbs of sugar, 55lbs of marshmallows and 30 lbs of Rice Krispies for … Continue reading

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This Is Now a Thing: Rich People Literally Eating Gold

Just miles away from the streets where many will go to bed starving, filthy and barely clothed on Skid Row Hollywood’s elite packed into the  Beverly Hills hotel, patted each other on the back, laughed at inside jokes about themselves … Continue reading

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Pepsi Admits Their Toxic Sludge is Capable of Dissolving Rodent Carcasses

An Illinois man is suing Pepsi Co, the makers of popular soft-drink Mountain Dew. He claims that after taking a sip of the neon-yellow foodstuff he immediately spat it back out after finding a dead mouse floating in his Dew. … Continue reading

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