Finding A Cooking Stove That Fits Your Needs

Are you a competitive cook who aspires to be the next Iron Chef, a five star sous chef who plans to open your own restaurant, a homemaker or soccer Mom with a busy schedule who requires quick meals, a rustic outdoor cook? Perhaps you are ready to take a step up from your standard microwave? Finding the right stove can make any variety of culinarian happy. If you watch the Food Network, HGTV or Man vs. Wild you may already know the perfect stove that would fit your home or lifestyle.

Technically a stove is an enclosed space used for heating. Other words to describe a stove may include oven, range, cooker, boiler or furnace. If you are looking for a stove to cook food check out these 10 examples of stoves from smallest and least expensive to alternative and most expensive.

1)    Natural stove

Wood or charcoal fire built on fireproof metal or stone.



2)    Camp stove

Price range: $40+. From car camping to backpacking there is a stove for you. If you are traveling overseas there are portable version that burn on unleaded fuel, white gas and kerosene.



3)    Barbeque grill

Price range: $20+. Grills are not just for searing meat! Most models now come with side burners.



4)    Free standing or slide-in combo stove

Price range: $220+. The most common household style of ranges/ovens.



5)    Electric stove

Price range:$250 for combo, $850 for cook top. Electric stoves are the least expensive combo option



6)    Gas stove

Price range:$1,000+. A good option if you live in a place that can be powered by natural gas. If your location is prone to power outages gas stoves work without power.



7)    Brick oven

Cooking the old fashioned way heat by fire on stone.



8)    Convection oven

Price range:$59+. These stoves are available in a small size. Heat is distributed evenly and therefore cooks more quickly.



9)    Commercial

Price range:$4,000+. Models for the pro cook can have up to eight burners.



10)    Radiant heat

Price range:$9,000+. Originally made in Sweden, Aga, makes a radiant heat stove. This stov