30 Weirdest and Most Extreme International Fast Food Menu Items

America takes a lot of flack for over-the-top fast food items like KFC’s Double Down Sandwich, but here’s proof that we aren’t the sole offenders. There are plenty of are plenty of strange, extreme fast food options in other countries (granted, most of them are still in American franchises) that give the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos a run for their money. Note: Not all items are currently available; some were short-term promotional products, and others were probably run out of town by angry mobs.


30) Mega Mac/Double Big Mac (McDonald’s)


What is it? Remember that Big Mac jingle about “two all-beef patties”? So 20th Century. The Mega Mac (AKA the Double Big Mac) ups that to FOUR beef patties — and adds an extra slice of cheese to boot. You’re welcome.

Where is it? Canada, Australia, Ireland, various Asian nations


29) EBI Filet-O (McDonald’s)


What is it? Basically, a Filet-O-Shrimp sandwich

Where is it? Japan


28) McGrillschnägg (McDonald’s)


What is it? Hot pig-on-pig action, with a pork sausage (twisted into a disturbingly dog doo-like coil; see video) resting atop a layer of bacon

Where is it? Switzerland


27) Chicken McDo with Spaghetti (McDonald’s)


What is it? Two great tastes that don’t taste great together: fried chicken and spaghetti with marinara sauce

Where is it? Philippines


26) Tamago Double Mac (McDonald’s)


What is it? If a Big Mac and an Egg McMuffin had a love child, it would look like this Big Mac burger with bacon and eggs on top. But then of course, Big Mac would deny the kid was his, and Egg McMuffin would have to take him on Maury to reveal the paternity test results. What a jerk.

Where is it? Japan


25) Cheesy Bites Remix Pizza (Pizza Hut)


What is it? The US has the Cheesy Bites Pizza (with a detachable cheese-filled breadstick crust), but Pizza Hut saved this special “remix” for the Middle East, alternating three seemingly non-complementary flavors of cheesy bites: Spicy Mexican Sprinkle, Cream Cheese and Sesame and Mozzarella and Parmesan.

Where is it? Various Middle Eastern nations


24) Soho Grande (McDonald’s)


What is it? Would you like some cheese with your cheese? This burger is topped with cheese and cheese sauce, plus pepperoni and…salsa? Somehow, this is supposed to represent New York City.

Where is it? Czech Republic


23) Meat Monster (Burger King)


What is it? Take a Whopper and slap on a chicken patty and a layer of bacon. Sometimes having it your way isn’t the best option.

Where is it? Japan


22) X-tra Long Burger (Burger King)


What is it? This cholesterol-laden WMD features three burger patties on a sub-length bun, in one of two flavors: Chili Cheese (topped with cheese sauce and jalapenos) and Rodeo BBQ (topped with barbecue sauce and — ugh — onion rings).

Where is it? Austria, Netherlands


21) Poutine (McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s)


What is it? Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Eh?

Where is it? Canada


20) Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder (McDonald’s)


What is it? Toss some Doritos chips and guacamole on top of a Quarter Pounder burger. Who knew McDonald’s had 12-year-olds working in its menu development department?

Where is it? Mexico


19) McLobster (McDonald’s)


What is it? Lobster meat slathered with mayo and tartar sauce on what looks like a very smelly hotdog bun. Bon appetit!

Where is it? Canada


18) Cheesy Whopper (Burger King)


What is it? Ever want to slap a deep-fried, battered cheese puck on top of a Whopper? No? Well, too bad; here it is.

Where is it? Various Latin American nations, Egypt


17) McItaly Adagio Burger (McDonald’s)


What is it? A tres chic hamburger topped with mashed eggplant on a bun topped with almonds — to be eaten while holding your pinkie extended

Where is it? Italy


16) Surf and Turf Burger (McDonald’s)


What is it? A burger topped with tomato, cucumbers, arugula and…fried shrimp?

Where is it? Austria


15) Foie Gras Burger (Wendy’s)


What is it? If you’ve got $16 to blow on a burger, I’m not sure why you’d head to Wendy’s, but if that’s what floats your boat, they’ve got a burger topped with the delicacy foie gras. (That’s goose liver to me and you.)

Where is it? Japan


14) Kiwiburger (McDonald’s)


What is it? I’ve always wondered why beets exist, and now I know: to feed New Zealanders! This burger starts out fine — lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions — but then the Kiwis add the dreaded beets and, inexplicably, a poached egg.

Where is it? New Zealand


13) McRice Burger (McDonald’s)


What is it? A burger comprised of a beef patty topped with Asian barbecue sauce, lettuce and red cabbage, resting between two “buns” made of pressed, toasted white rice

Where is it? Various Asian nations


12) Mashed Potato Beef Burger (McDonald’s)


What is it? Not content with leaving potatoes as a side dish, this Chinese offering wedges two beef patties between a layer of bacon and a layer of mashed potatoes. Efficiency, thy name is Mashed Potato Beef Burger.

Where is it? China


11) Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza/Star Pops Pizza (Pizza Hut)


What is it? Pizza with hot dogs/sausages in the crust — one longways, one sideways, both disgusting

Where is it? UK, Korea, Philippines


10) 15-Strip Bacon Whopper (Burger King)


What is it? For a limited promotion, Burger King in Japan offered the option of adding 15 strips of bacon to your Whopper. Fun fact: pigs are now extinct in Japan.

Where is it? Japan


9) Pork and Seaweed Donut (Dunkin’ Donuts)


What is it? A donut stuffed with shredded pork and seaweed. Time to barf the donuts!

Where is it? China


8) Bacon Roll


What is it? Bun. Bacon. Ketchup. That is all.

Where is it? UK


7) Sprout Surprise Whopper (Burger King)


What is it? For those of you who complain that the Whopper tastes TOO good, here’s a simple solution: plop a disc made of breaded Brussels sprouts and swiss cheese on it. Surprise!

Where is it? UK


6) Winter Double King Pizza (Pizza Hut)


What is it? Like something that would happen when a kitchen explodes, this pizza has a crust made of fried shrimp stuffed with mayonnaise and is topped with crab, shrimp, beef, broccoli, onion, corn, egg, potato and MORE mayo.

Where is it? Japan


5) Pizza-Size Burger (Burger King)


What is it? A massive burger consisting of an 8.8-inch-diameter bun containing four Whopper patties and various toppings. Two of the patties have the normal Whopper toppings and the other two have your choice of two flavors: Fresh Avocado (topped with slices of avocado) or Cheese Nacho (topped with cheese sauce, jalapenos and…tortilla chips?). Comes with a side of Pepto Bismol.

Where is it?


4) McRibster (McDonald’s)


What is it? We in America deep-fry everything, so I’m not sure how we overlooked the opportunity to deep-fry a McRib sandwich, but the Austrians picked up our slack by not only breading and deep-frying this mystery meat product, but also topping it with bacon and cheese. It’s a hate crime on a bun!

Where is it? Austria


3) Windows 7 Whopper (Burger King)


What is it? This limited-time offer in conjunction with the release of Windows 7 consisted of a Whopper with seven (SEVEN!) patties. For those of you keeping track, that’s 1.75 pounds of meat — big enough to qualify for a Social Security card.

Where is it?


2) Lasagna Sandwich (Tesco)


What is it? OK, so this isn’t from a traditional “fast food” restaurant — it’s from a British supermarket chain called Tesco — but it’s fast, weird and disgusting. As if buying a pre-cooked, pre-packaged slice of lasagna off the store shelf wasn’t sketchy enough, Tesco has shoved it between two slices of white bread. I don’t want to know what they do to it to make sure the bread doesn’t get soggy.

Where is it? UK


1) Crown Crust Pizzas (Pizza Hut)


What is it? A line of specialty pizzas that seem to be cartoonish parodies of American gluttony, including the Cheese Burger Crown Crust Pizza (with mini cheeseburgers inserted into the crust topped with lettuce and sliced tomato), the Chicken Fillet Crown Crust Pizza (with chicken nuggets in the crust and topped with breaded chicken tenders, chicken strips, green peppers and barbecue sauce), the Cream Cheese Crown Crust Pizza (with cream cheese dollops in the crust), the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza (with a crust stuffed with parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and topped with prawns, tuna, crab sticks and pineapple) and some unholy unnamed entry that features a crust filled with breaded chicken sticks, mozzarella cheese and honey mustard sauce.

Where is it? Various Middle Eastern nations, Malaysia, Romania, your nightmares


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