Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles

Are you a vegetarian or even a vegan? Getting frustrated when you go out to eat that there’s nothing on the menu suited for your tastes? Well look no further! Here is a list of restaurants in the Los Angeles area that are just what you’re looking for! So follow along.

10) Cru

veganrestaurant10.jpgLocation: Silverlake
Menu:  Vegan

Cru is a 100% vegan, raw and gluten free restaurant. They use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and fuse old school culinary rigor with living foods and gluten free principals; creating singular, elegant vegan cuisine. All dishes are prepared in house and all daily specials are written on a blackboard that include appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts. So be sure to ask your server about them or check the blackboard. Cru is passionate about what they do and their goal is to excite new comers to the idea of raw vegan food, so step inside and share the experience with some friends maybe. You might be glad that you did!

9) Real Food Daily

veganrestaurant09.jpgLocation: Pasadena, Santa Monica, West Hollywood
Menu: Vegan

Real Food Daily is an authentic vegan restaurant founded by Ann Gentry. She has taken two different California trends vegetarian food and the organic seasonal cooking popularized by Alice Waters of Chez Panisse – and come up with a cuisine that is as interesting as it is healthful and delicious. They have everything from starters to soups and salads, to sandwiches and wraps and to main courses. They also have desserts! Sounds like a vegan dream to me, I’d definitely check this place out.

8) Flowering Tree

veganrestaurant08.jpgLocation: West Hollywood
Menu: Organic Food/ Vegetarian Friendly

This is said to be a great organic restaurant where the regular drink wheat grass juice with their 100% kosher halibut. Any poultry products they might have are shipped fresh from family farms. Of course if you are a vegetarian you wouldn’t be eating the meat they serve here but rather the wheat grass juice and other menu items such as the stuffed zucchini, hummus and the high protein salads which are prepared with little to no oil. They also prepare sugarless desserts. Sounds like a good place to get a little bit of both, especially if you have a friend who isn’t a vegetarian.

7) Vegan Glory

veganrestaurant07.jpgLocation: Mid-City West
Menu: Vegan

Vegan Glory offers a wide variety of different options on their lengthy menu. They also have an open kitchen in which you may see them cooking out of if you sit at the bar. They pride themselves on cleanliness and have received and “A” rating from the Environmental Health Department. The staff are said to be helpful and cheerful to add to the ambience of the restaurant. They specialize in helping customers with their dietary needs, vegans and non vegans alike are sure to enjoy their menu. It is Thai infused vegan cuisine and it looks delicious! I’m not even a vegan and I’d go check it out!

6) Govinda’s Natural Foods

veganrestaurant06xx.jpgLocation: Culver City
Menu: Vegetarian & Vegan

Govinda’s is a vegetarian and vegan buffet located in Culver City. It is all natural food with a serene and spiritual atmosphere. There is a wide variety of culinary fusion for a good price. Oh and did I mention it’s a buffet? That’s right all you can eat for only $8.00! You can’t beat that price! Come inside and listen to the soothing music and bring some friends. It sounds like it would be a good time all around.

5) M Café De Chaya

veganrestaurant05.jpgLocation: West Hollywood
Menu: Vegetarian

M Café De Chaya introduces contemporary macrobiotic cuisine with nutritious creative cooking which can be enjoyed by everyone not just vegetarians or people with dietary restrictions. Items on the menu are prepared fresh daily using on the finest ingredients and without refined sugars, eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry.  There is also desserts, scones muffins, cookies and pastries. This restaurant looks very nice and I wouldn’t mind giving it a try!

4) Inn Of The Seventh Ray

veganrestaurant04xx.jpgLocation: Topanga Canyon
Menu: Organic/Vegetarian

Most of the foods and grains here are grown organically with as many as possible from local farms. The soups are all home made from their own recipes, using fresh herbs and olive oil or nut oil. Their chickens are naturally raised and ranged fed and they only use natural meats without any antibiotics or force fed hormones. Only fresh fish is served here and they minimize the use of dairy products. Their bread is baked daily using only organic ingredients.  They also offer an array of wine that does not include the alcohol in it, so if you are not a drinker like myself that sounds amazing to enjoy the taste of wine without the alcohol. This restaurant sounds interesting to say the least and again vegetarians can bring a friend who still eats meat along with them to check this place out. Sound like a good deal to me!

3) Real Raw Live

veganrestaurant03.jpgLocation: Hollywood
Menu:  Raw Food Cleanse

This little shop is dedicated to the raw food cleanse. They specialize in five day raw food and organic juice cleanses and a 3 day organic juice fast that help the body to detoxify. It also helps to assist your body to rebuild and replenish new healthy cells and tissue and boost your immune system to a more powerful and vibrant state. They serve juice, smoothies and shakes, immunity boosting wellness shots, frozen yogurt and fat burning lemonade. You want a healthy body? This is the place for you.

2) Seed Kitchen

veganrestaurant02.jpgLocation: Venice
Menu: Vegan

Another Macrobiotic cookery and they don’t even use non stick pans here. They use locally grown and organic products as much as possible with the best cooking techniques. They composite their vegetable scraps and they never use microwaves. Filtered water is used for all of their cooking and their beverages and they use eco-safe soaps for all of their cleaning needs. They use recycled paper for all of their products, their menus, napkins, postcards. Etc.  They have everything from soup and salad to burgers and dessert.  Their story is very moving and I would definitely try this restaurant out, you should too!

1) California Vegan

veganrestaurant01.jpgLocation: West Hollywood
Menu: Vegetarian/Vegan

California Vegan is your typical vegetarian/vegan restaurant. The ala carte menu consists of lentils, egg plant and tofu. You move down to the appetizer menu and you’ve got French fries, dumplings and chicken fingers. Burger wraps, pancakes, curry noodles and rice then desserts and beverages. It does have it all for the vegetarian or vegan in you. You definitely would be satisfied coming into this restaurant. So, I say give it a try, I bet you won’t be disappointed!


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