Cake in a Push-Pop!

This cake is in a push-pop. Your argument is invalid.

Seriously. Boldly going where most fear to tread, the Meringue Bake Shop in Orange County, CA has created a brand new innovation in the field of cake-to-mouth delivery mechanisms with their product “Pushcakes.” By taking all of the deliciousness¬† of a cake and placing it into a easy to handle, relatively mess free push container Meringue may have just created the best thing to ever happen to cake since the cupcake.

pushcakes1.jpgThe delectable hand-held device contains layers of cake interspersed with other fillings like buttercream, “creams, nuts, candies and more” all in an attempt to keep the cake itself moist and extra tasty. Cakespy just posted a review of the product and they seem more than enthused.

At current time the bake shop does not ship their delicacies but if you are fortunate enough to live in the OC or LA area you can most likely have them delivered. The shop offers flavors of cakes like their award winning Orange Crush, Queen of Hearts (red velvet cake with a heart on the top), Pink Lady Lemonade cake and more. Plus certain flavors can even be made Vegan/Dairy Free!

The excitement you’re feeling right now? It must be how people felt when they first invented electricity or indoor plumbing or the Set it and Forget It. Years from now our children will ask where you were on the day you first learned of the Pushcake. This is big.


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