New York Man Finds Bloody Band-Aid in His Pizza

A man in Ballston Lake, N.Y. went for a bite of pizza and instead found himself biting down onto a bright blue (apparently used and bloody) bandage.

Just the day before Ken Wieczerza hard ordered a “large supreme pizza with pepperoni, ham, green peppers and other toppings” from the Clifton Park Pizza Hut. Looking for a snack, Wieczerza scrounged up some leftovers from the fridge and took a bite only to recoil in disgust as his chompers made contact with a 3-inch adhesive strip baked into the bottom crust. The strip was bright blue with drops of what appear to be blood droplets.

Ken Wieczerza

Ken Wieczerza

A manager for a food distribution company himself, Wieczerza understands that mistakes do happen and claims he has no intent to hurt neither the company nor its employees. He’s simply interested in procuring blood tests from the employees to ensure that none of them have AIDS or some other communicable disease.

However after establishing contact with Pizza Hut officials they stopped taking his calls therefore “forcing his hand” and causing him to resort to turning to the media.

When asked for comment a Pizza Hut spokesperson “challenged the veracity of Wieczerza’s account by saying that the bandage style and dough type were not consistent with Pizza Hut protocol.”

The only problem? Wieczerza claims he has yet to show anyone at Pizza Hut the bandage or the pizza crust. DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNN.

Naturally lawyers are now being consulted.

(Source: Times Union)




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