Paula Deen’s Greatest Hits

Paula Deen has a crazy, quirky butter loving personality on The Food Network ya’ll! Her food either leaves you salivating, wanting to make and eat her recipes or cringing at the thought of eating every meal as if it were an indulgent holiday feast. This Nation’s obesity rate has increased to 30 percent of the population in 2011. While the fast food industry is trying their best to incorporate healthier menu items, including skinless apples dipped in caramel, Paula Deen does not shy from featuring her love of high fat, salt and sugar dishes such as deep fried Mac and Cheese and Gooey Butter Cake Bars. Paula Deen created and promoted her successes recently while hiding her Type II Diabetes so she could endorse a drug to combat the disease and make a huge profit.

Or did she? With all of Paula Deen’s accomplishments why be a hypocrite? She has her own cooking show, writes cookbooks, and even has her own furniture line. Is she insane or is she an unethical marketing genius using her unhealthy diet to her advantage? You make the call from this list on why Paula Deen may be off her rocker.


1) Began Her Career as a Restaurateur


Did you just got off a juice cleanse and feel deprived of fried stuff with cheese? Check out Paula Deen’s self-indulgent southern meals where her professional cooking career began at her Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah, GA.


2) Fried Butter on a Stick!


Comfort foods Paula Deen style: chocolate cheese fudge made with Velveeta cheese, Twinkie pie, cheese balls, chicken pot pie, bacon cheese burgers on donut buns and the mountain high apple pie topping out at 12 inches!


3) Type II Diabetes Diagnosis


Paula Deen denies waiting three years to reveal her diabetes just for endorsement reasons. Even if she was scared to tell the world she continued to entice audiences with a daily dose of mouth-watering buttery, surgery filled recipes.


4) Lips Like Butter


If you want that butter flavor to linger on your lips and not your hips butter Queen Deen has just the thing. Butter Flavor Lip Balm!


5) Battle of The Food Network stars


Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain, two of the most famous (and very different) star chefs on television today are in a feud. Bourdain, who travels and tastes foods all over the world, is saying that Deen promotes unhealthy living. Meanwhile, Bourdain is a chain smoker and often drinks on his show No Reservations. Potato, potahto.


6) Paula Deen Riding Things


Warning: Don’t eat butter and ride a chef.  At a food and wine festival Paula Deen was photographed straddling Chef Robert Irvine’s back while he was on all fours. Consequently someone created the web site: Paula Deen Riding


7) Not Like My Mama Makes It


A healthier chip off the block of butter, Paula Deen’s son, Bobby, titled his new cooking show, “Not My Mama’s Meals” featuring lighter versions of his Mama’s recipes!


8) Is Paula Deen Losing Weight?


Since going public with her Type II Diabetes diagnosis Deen has reportedly dropped two sizes by eating smaller portions and walking 30 minutes a day. She says that her cooking show is for entertainment and that people should be responsible by eating the correct portions. Maybe Paula Deen will start a movement that requires cooking shows to put crawl lines at the bottom of the screen warning people to eat at their own risk!


9) Find Paula Deen at Your Local Wal-Mart


Wishing you could get a taste of Paula Deen at all hours? Your wish has come true! Deen now markets to the everyday customer selling cookware, frozen meals and baked goods at Wal-Mart.


10) Say What?


When in the public eye being politically correct is like taking care of business in the lavatory. You must do it to avoid getting sh** all over. The latest in Paula Deen’s and her brother Bubba’s use of the racial “N” slur has spurred another crazy uproar in the world according to Paula Deen.


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