Sobbing Drunk Women Arrested for Eating Stranger’s Food

In one is no doubt one of the most quintessential “American” news stories of our time, a 41 year old woman was taken into police custody after waltzing into a PF Changs piss-drunk, eating another person’s food and then stumbling back out. All this plus racial epithets!

It all started at the Quiznos next door. Where most of my drunken rampages start. Sometime after placing her order she began calling the workers “little gay boys” and “(expletive) boys” while they toiled away making her a toasted sub.

The store manager asked her to leave so she did and decided to go next door to a PF Changs where she sat down at the bar, ordered a drink, started to cry and began eating a man’s food off of his plate.

By the time officers arrived the woman was sitting outside the two restaurants. According to the Daily News, “The woman proceeded to call the male deputy racial slurs as well as calling him fat multiple times.

“When a female deputy arrived as back up, the woman repeatedly called her ‘a (expletive) lesbian’ and shouted obscenities repeatedly at them until she was arrested.”

(Source: NWF Daily News)

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