These Aren’t the Cakes You’re Looking For

Check out this absolutely stunning 300lb life-size 6ft 4in Stormtrooper cake created by Tiler and Amanda Oakleaf from Boston!

Made from 208 eggs, 20 lbs of butter, 140lbs of sugar, 55lbs of marshmallows and 30 lbs of Rice Krispies for legs, the giant pastry fed over 600 people. The cake was unveiled at a sci-fi convention where patrons lined up to satiate their Jabba-like appetites. In the end many had to be turned away.

“An important thing for us was that the cake tasted just like any other we would make, so the ingredients, the frosting, the buttermilk were just the same standard as one of our wedding cakes.” said Tiler.

You could search the galaxies and you’d still only find one of these tasty warriors – for now at least. The Oakleafs are apparently already fielding offers to create their own clone army.





(Source: Daily Mail)

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