The Ten Thousand Dollar Jug of 20-Year Old Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce

An unopened one gallon container of “McJordan  BBQ Sauce” from 1992 just sold on eBay for a whopping $9,995 to an anonymous buyer from Chicago who is either really devoted to Michael Jordan or really, really hungry.

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be living in one of the select Midwest markets that the ‘McJordan’ burger was sold – the Jordan sponsored burger came complete with the aforementioned sauce, pickles , cheese and bacon, all of Jordan’s “favorite ingredients.”  (see the original commercial below)

The sauce itself is nothing special really. Just your usual blend of high fructose corn syrup and tomato paste. It comes in fairly Spartan packaging with black lettering on a plain white label. What makes this a prized item (supposedly) is the burger’s original limited release which contributes to its rarity. “The only one left on Earth??” asked the auction page.

For me personally though I’m more interested in finding out what vague existential crisis could have prompted McDonald’s franchise owner and operator Mort Bank to just now get rid of the congealed vat of special sauce he had lying around. Whatever it was, Bank is of the belief that he could have made even more money had he let it go at an auction house.

“There was a lot of interest,” said Bank of the sandwich topping. No word on if the jug really was the last of its kind nor if the purchaser was actually Michael Jordan himself (which some have theorized).

(Source: Eater)


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