This Is Now a Thing: Rich People Literally Eating Gold

Just miles away from the streets where many will go to bed starving, filthy and barely clothed on Skid Row Hollywood’s elite packed into the  Beverly Hills hotel, patted each other on the back, laughed at inside jokes about themselves and dined on pudding literally sprinkled with gold.

Pastry chef Thomas Henzi at the Beverly Hilton hotel took six months to carefully craft his edible fuck you to poor people everywhere. The pudding, decorated with real gold, is described as “a chocolate delice, almond crunch terrine, garnished with acacia honey, caramel and fresh berries” and sprinkled with edible gold flakes at $135 a gram.

Joel Berg, of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger has spoken out about the glaring inequities in the American food supply and didn’t take kindly to the extravagant dish. But he warns that this isn’t about class warfare as some might be qugoldenglobesfood1.jpgick to label it.

“I don’t want to bring the rich down, I want to bring everyone else up,” he said. “However, this is an irony that the people who need it least often get free food wherever they go, but we still make it extraordinarily difficult for people to obtain government food benefits.”

Acerbic British host Ricky Gervais managed to get one barb in about the gold encrusted pudding treat before leaving the stage at the end of the night perhaps best summarizing everyone’s feelings on the matter.

“Hope you enjoyed the champagne and the goodie bag and the gold sprinkled on the dessert. Hope it took your mind off the recession.”

(Source: The Guardian)


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