Treat Yourself to Some Spooky Pizza this Halloween

Putting her own spin on an older MyRecipes recipe, Claire Gallam has come up with a unique and tasty Halloween pizza treat that just about anyone can enjoy.

Replete with green olive spiders and ghoulish mozzarella ghosts, the pizza cooks up in about 16 minutes (plus prep time) and can serve up to about six people. You can even make the dough ahead of time to save yourself a little effort after a long night of trick or treating.

The recipe itself is fairly simple. You just use a ghost cookie cutter to cut out slices of mozzarella and place them on the 1/4 in. thick crust with a little marinara (see image at right). Place the dish in the oven at about 425º until the crust is golden brown. Once the pie is finished baking, plug rosemary leaves into green olives and place them next to the ghosts for some delicious olive arachnids. You’re free to use black olives of course, but everyone knows that green olives go best on pizza.

You can view the entire recipe here. Experiment with your own “spooky” toppings and let us know in the comments below what you come up with.

Make your own Spooky Pizza!

Make your own Spooky Pizza!


(Source: Chef Mom)

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