Want to Avoid Sunburn? Drink Wine!

Researchers at the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council recently took a closer look at the skin’s chemical reaction when introduced to UV rays from the sun. In a surprising discovery they learned that substances known as flavonoids in grapes can stop the chemical reaction that causes skin damage!

According to Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona, the study (published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) proves that grapes can help prevent sun burn and even skin cancer!

Already cosmetic companies and others are looking into using this discovery to create skin creams and other remedies in an attempt to copy the benefits of these flavonoids. According to the article, “Previous research has put the low cancer rates and good health down to tomatoes, olive oil and even red wine.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to the Olive Garden where I can no doubt secure eternal life.


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